Our Team

Coert BaartCoert Baart-   Chief Editor 

Coert Baart is a journalism major with a flair for everything technology. Before joining The Perfect Newshub, Coert Baart worked on the number of technology magazine as a contributing editor.   Coert Baart currently handles all the editorial aspects of The Perfect Newshub. You can drop him an email at coert@perfectnewshub.com.

Jessica Moore -Sub-Editor 

Jessica Moore is a computer security graduate, and because of her keen interest in PR and media, she decided to opt for journalism as a career option. Originally from New York, she has lived in Seoul and Tokyo. She enjoys international dialogue, animals, and coffee. You can drop her an email at jessica@perfectnewshub.com.


Jeffrey WalkerJeffrey Walker- Sub-Editor 

Jeffrey Walker has been a contributor in many online news publishing organizations as a  freelancer. He is an experienced contributor with extensive experience in including many topics including technology, science, and health. You can drop him an email at jeffrey@perfectnewshub.com