Privacy Policy

Concerns regarding online privacy and data collection have been skyrocketing in the last couple of years and PerfectNewHub wants to make clear its privacy policy through the following document. This digital document is explaining how your privacy is being protected and maintained when you access the website. Users will have to go through the document to understand the core privacy policy, on which PerfectNewHub site is based.
IP Logging
As a part of the basic security and protective measures, PerfectNewHub keeps a record of the IP addresses from which the site was accessed. Every IP address would be logged along with the basic details. This information may be released to the legal authorities when requested by the right officials. It needs to be noted that this data is not categorized into personally identifiable information. However, it will be useful for analyzing basic metrics such as the number of views and trends.
Data Collection
PerfectNewHub may collect both personally identifiable and non-personally identifiable data during the time of user interaction. However, these are collected in two different forms, as given below.
Personally, Identifiable Information refers to the type of information that can be linked to a specific individual in the world of web. Email address, name, physical address etc. are some of such data. PerfectNewHub collects this type of data when you involve in actions like commenting or subscribing to our email newsletter. It has to be noted that this type of data is collected with your proper consent.
However, Non-Personally Identifiable Information cannot be used to target an individual under any kind of circumstances. IP address and ISP details are some of these. As it happens, PerfectNewHub may collect this kind of information without seeking consent. However, this information is also kept with the best-level security being offered.
Use of Cookies
PerfectNewHub refrains from the use of cookies for tracking the user. However, the same may be used for the sole purpose of enhancing the user experience. Users are given the complete rights to disable accepting web cookies from, but doing so might have an impact on the usability of one or many features.
Security of Information
PerfectNewHub stores every the of information with the utmost st security. However, some of information that do belong to non-personally identifiable category may be shared with our partners for further analysis. Even in that case, maximum security is assured.
It needs to be noted that PerfectNewHub reserves the complete rights to make changes to this privacy policy without informing the users directly. However, major updates would be notified via proper channels.